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Take Time to Say Thank You with Free Thanksgiving ePraise

by Cori
19. November 2012 08:00

Are you ready for turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie? Mmmmm, I know I am! In my book, Thanksgiving is one of the best food holidays. What’s not to love about all that glorious food?!
More importantly, Thanksgiving is a reminder of the value of saying “thank you.” In our busy lives, we often forget to thank a coworker who did something extra that made our lives a little easier.

I’m sure you’ve all had an experience where you wanted to thank someone but simply ran out of time. It may have been a day when you felt like you were running at a sprint the minute you got into the office. On days like that, you know you can’t make it to the finish line without help from your teammates. The problem is you’re so exhausted when you stop running that you forget to send a quick note of thanks.

Thanksgiving is a time to catch up and send the thank you notes that may have fallen off your to-do list. Don’t worry about the timing of your note. The most meaningful thank you is the one that gets sent!

For instance, every year around Thanksgiving my husband’s employer sends a greeting card to our home. The card has a Thanksgiving look and feel with a message of thanks and the signatures of each of the company executives. It’s not my husband’s birthday or anniversary, but his employer knows the importance of acknowledging their employees at this time of year. It’s sent to our home, not dropped on his desk, so I know the company is thanking me, too. We display the card on our counter for a couple of weeks around the holiday.

Do you have an employee who’s been putting in extra hours? Send a thank you card to her family.

Has one of your coworkers been your trusty wing-man on an intense project? Send him a thank you.

Does your teammate brighten the office with her positive attitude? Let her know you appreciate it!

Send a Free Thanksgiving ePraise

This week, take the time to send the thank yous you’ve wanted to send. We’ve made it easy for you with our free Thanksgiving ePraise cards. Select a card design, write a note, and schedule it for delivery before or on Thanksgiving. Your personal note will make you and the recipient feel thankful this holiday season.

Do you want to show appreciation for your team during Thanksgiving? Read our five Thanksgiving staff appreciation ideas in the Recognition Resource Center. 

Happy Thanksgiving!


Cori is Baudville's in-house Recognitionista (she's officially a Certified Recognition Professional, too)  and a member of the Millennial generation. Get her employee recognition tips and special discounts by liking Baudville on Facebook.

Celebrate Administrative Professional’s Day Today and Every Day

by Cori
25. April 2012 10:31

Happy Administrative Professional’s Day! Today serves as a great reminder to recognize your behind the scenes team members. After all, they keep your organization running day-in and day-out!

At Baudville, we’re recognizing Lisa, our Administrative Assistant. Lisa does a lot around here by helping out multiple departments, welcoming new employees, and providing a great first impression to visitors. Thank you Lisa, for everything you do!

How will you thank your administrative professionals today? Hopefully you already have a meaningful expression of your appreciation planned. If this holiday happened to slip your mind, check out ePraise, my go-to for thank yous. ePraise instantly sends an ecard to your recipient, and you can add a personal note. Plus, it’s free!

Get the entire team involved in Administrative Professional’s Day by asking everyone to send an ePraise to your administrative professional. Bombard her with appreciation today! 

Share these articles to your team to make sure your ePraise cards are well written and meaningful.

101 Ways to Praise
The Ultimate Reward: A Classic Thank You Note
Sample Employee Recognition Messages for Every Recognition Occasion


Cori is Baudville's in-house Recognitionista (she's officially a Certified Recognition Professional, too)  and a member of the Millennial generation. Get her employee recognition tips and special discounts by liking Baudville on Facebook.

Sending an ePraise is now even easier!!

by kimberly
3. February 2012 11:45
kimberlyePraise® is Baudville's free recognition ecard tool that is an easy and fun way to incorporate daily recognition into your workplace. Our ecards are available in many of our popular recognition themes so you can easily coordinate with other gifts.

Send a Free ePraise recognition ecard today!
It's been a while since ePraise launched and it was about time to update it and make it even easier for you to find and send ecards!

Wow! Check out these great enhancements:
  • Find the perfect card easily with the new selection layout
  • Save time and schedule your ePraises with the new date and time scheduler
  • Share ePraise with your colleagues, co-workers and friends to pass on the recognition with our easy to share buttons
  • The recipient can easily print the ecard with a click of a button
  • Easily allows the recipient to quickly send a special thank you ePraise to the ecard sender
  • Quick links to top products and resources to help keep those recognition ideas flowing after you send your ecards
Also, just in case you didn't know, you can also...
  • Sign in to your account to save your ePraise history
  • Use the handy tips writing guide to help you write the perfect note on any ecard
  • Know exactly when the recipient views the ecard with the automatic email that is sent to you after pick up

So make sure to take advantage of this fanstastic free tool offered by Baudville and send an ePraise now!


Kimberly is the Baudville Website Manager and star of our online product videos. She applies her knowledge of the web to create the ultimate online experience for Baudville customers.

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