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High Five for Friday: Welcome to August!

by Kendra
2. August 2013 09:00
KendraThe summer is flying by around here, I can't believe it's August already! What have you been up to this summer? Share what you've been doing in the comments section, we'd love to hear about your favorite summer activities!!

1. Gratitude with Attitude
Our newest theme is flying off the shelves! These sassy products have positive sayings that recipients will love to receive. Some of my personal favorites are the
Bendy Pens, Eye-Popping Squeezies and the Bright Tumblers. Pick them up today!

2. The World's Longest Garage Sale
I don't know about you, but I love to garage sale. There is something about looking at other people's stuff that fascinates me. (Call me crazy.) That's why every first weekend in August my mom, grandma, and I join thousands of people over a 690-mile stretch for the 127 Corridor Sale. Not only is it a great time to spend with my family, but it also provides a lot of stories and great people watching!

3. Happy Birthday IDville
Next week Monday, our sister company, IDville, is celebrating their 11th birthday! IDville provides an impressive suite of
photo ID card systems and accessories. While they're busying donning party hats and eating cake, wish them a Happy Birthday on their Facebook page.

4. Baudville's Helping Hand
In celebration of our 30th anniversary we're building our culture and changing lives with a "trail-blazing" project! We are partnering with a local non-profit, The
Equest Center for Therapeutic Riding, and building a new sensory trail: The Saddle Safari Discovery Trail. The sensory trail is designed to improve the quality of life for individuals with special needs through equine-based therapy. Saddle up and share the ride with us as we keep you up to date on our project over the next couple of months. To learn more about this project visit Baudville's Helping Hand website today!

5. National Ice Cream Sandwich Day
Today is National Ice Cream Sandwich Day. What more is there to say? Get out there and eat away!


Kendra is Baudville's Product Coordinator. Using her awesome powers of organization and research, she brings new and innovative products to our customers. She is a recent graduate and is ready to help with your recognition wants and needs. Watch out, because this young professional just touched down at Baudville!

High Five for Friday: Cheers to Not So Random Acts of Kindness!

by Allison
19. July 2013 11:30
AllisonAfter returning from a short work week/long weekend combo, I'm settling back in to the reality that I am not, in fact, a lady of leisure. Darn. Good thing I've had plenty of exciting things on my mind this week to keep me thrilled at the 'ville! Here are my top five:

1. Ice-Cream Goes Social.
One of the benefits of having a robust culture here at Baudville is that we realize that we, as individuals, are empowered to create our own recognition moments. We knew that our Creative Manager had been working her fanny off, so we decided to take it upon ourselves to throw her a surprise, just because you're awesome, party. We chose ice-cream floats and sundaes as our refreshments of choice, then invited her to a fake brainstorming meeting, and the rest unfolded just as we planned: total surprise! Muahahaha.

2. Health R' Us.
We just wrapped up our third-annual, 10-Week Fitness Challenge and the results are in! Though I can't actually announce our winning team yet, I can report that between the 22 of us who participated in the weight loss part of the challenge, we lost close to 160 pounds! Wowee! In addition, we learned some healthy habits from a local fitness guru, eliminated some unhealthy behaviors, and enjoyed some (:ahem:) healthy competition!

3. The Fungus Among Us.
This is your official Nerd Alert: read on only if you are, like me, captivated by the oddities of nature. Camping last week in Manistee National Forest, I photographed (and
subsequently researched) many wonders of the woods, including Monotropa Uniflora, Strobilomyces floccopus (a/k/a The Old Man of the Woods mushroom), Turkeytail Fungus, and Foliose Lichens. Sure, the sunsets over Lake Michigan were beautiful, but these kinds of spectacles you just don't see every day!

4. What the World Needs Now.
Ever since I attended a seminar on the practice of Metta (that is, universal, unconditional compassion and kindness toward all beings), I've been trying, really trying, to—you guessed it—have kinder thoughts! How am I doing? Let's just say I'm a work in progress! P.S. Kindness doesn't require special training, check out our
75 Random Acts of Kindness eBook to see how easy it is!

5. Beers to You! Or Lattes. Or Appetizers.
That's the specialty of our newest friend,
Conpoto, who has taken Cheers! to the next level. We're always excited when someone finds a fresh, new way to give thanks and rewards to colleagues, buddies, or anyone who deserves a pat on the back. The name Conpoto is Latin for "drink together," but, depending on your location, you can choose from a variety of establishments that offer snacks and coffee instead of the strong stuff. Hmmm...who deserves a toast this week?


Allison is a self-proclaimed Copywriting Diva and has the certificate to prove it! She's been writing for Baudville for four years and has worked in a variety of business settings for more than 19 years. Before becoming a professional writer 12 years ago, Allison worked as a department manager where she used Baudville products to motivate her team. She's what we call a true believer!

High 5 for Friday: These New Products Will Blow. Your. Mind.

by Falon
28. June 2013 10:00
FalonOur new catalog is coming your way this week and in it we've got hundreds of brand new items to help you recognize and engage your employees. The overall theme of this summer's new product launch was “fun,” and I'll tell you what, these products are just that! Check out my top 5 here:

1. Desk Dudes™.
Made from bright, colorful, and bendable PVC, these little guys are the perfect way to give and display recognition! Tuck a
Pocket Praise in their arms and leave him on your employee's desktop for a welcome surprise in the morning. I bet he ends up travelling for some more peer-to-peer recognition. These guys are so fun, you can't help but smile at them!

2. Memo Caddies.
The catalog page does not do this product justice. These caddies are sturdy, and once the notes are used up, they make the perfect cell phone holder or desk-top catch-all. Available in our top themes, this gift will be a lasting reminder of your appreciation for years to come!

3. Flip Top Water Bottles.
I love to drink water. I can slam over 100 oz a day – easy. These new Flip Top Water Bottles are perfect for daily hydration with a recognition message. I love the functionality of the strap, and the bright top and bottom accents. So fun!!

4. Carabiner Key Chains.
This is one of my favorite products in our
newest theme, Gratitude with Attitude! Once you get them in your hands, you won't want to put them down. They are stretchy, fun, and the messages on them are so applicable to so many people and teams, you just can't go wrong! Trust me, these will be a hit and they're under $4 each!

5. My Boss Thinks I'm Kind of a Big Deal Theme.
I couldn't pick just one product in this new theme – I love them all! From the
oversized ceramic coffee mug (20 oz!) to the super cool aluminum office sign, everything in this theme screams fun employee recognition!

I can't wait for you to get our new catalog in the mail! Look for the
new products and leave a comment letting me know which ones are your favorites! Let's put some fun back into employee appreciation!


As a team member since 2005, Falon has worn just about every hat the 'ville has to offer. She's seen both sides of working life — as an employee and as a manager — so if it sounds like she knows what she's talking about, we're pretty sure that's why. When she's not juggling between the IDville and Baudville brands, she's been known to whip up a mean diorama - just like that!

Sweet Ideas for Celebrating Valentine's Day at Work

by Falon
6. February 2013 13:20

Valentine's Day is in the air... I can smell the sweet conversation hearts now and taste the sweet chalky residue. You are AWE-SOME. COOL. FREE 2 B U. Good times. Candy, chocolates, kind words - does it get any better?! At Baudville we embrace the holidays – big and small – work-related and Hallmark-created. And we'd love for you to embrace them, too! Here are some low-cost and no-cost ways to bring a little Valentine's Day cheer to your office this "holiday" season.

Play Cupid with Free Valentine's Day Print-and-Posts.
Leave the bow-and-arrow at home (and the diaper, too, please!) Download our fun, work-appropriate Valentine's Day sentiments and sneak them into your co-workers' office spaces for a little secret V-Day fun .

Download Free Valentine’s Day Print-and-Posts


Virtual Valentines? No Problem! Send a Free ePraise.
Check out our Special Edition Valentine's Day ePraise section. Type a quick note and send it their way! Our clever and safe-for-work Valentine's Day sentiments keep it light and fun!

Valentine’s Day ePraise Valentine’s Day ePraise Valentine’s Day ePraise


Candy? For me? You SHOULD have!
Valentine's Day and sweet treats go together like salt and pepper. Be prepared with a chocolate-filled candy dish at your desk. Or engage your team with some special Sweet Treats to let them know how awesome you think they are!

Sweet Treats


Have some time on your hands?
Bust out the red construction paper, doilies, and stickers, and create personalized valentines for your team members. Cap it off with a sucker, chocolate bar, or package of conversation hearts and you'll be the talk of the office!

Have a blast with your co-workers this Valentine's Day! And after you're done, tell us all about it! We can't wait to hear from you.


As a team member since 2005, Falon has worn just about every hat the 'ville has to offer. She's seen both sides of working life — as an employee and as a manager — so if it sounds like she knows what she's talking about, we're pretty sure that's why. When she's not juggling between the IDville and Baudville brands, she's been known to whip up a mean diorama - just like that!

Random Acts of Kindness Week 2013 is February 11-17

by Cori
28. January 2013 07:00

We all know that small acts of kindness can make a big difference. Whether it’s a stranger holding open a door or a friend treating you to a cup of coffee, an act of kindness can change your perspective and your mood.

February 11-17, 2013 is the official Random Acts of Kindness Week, and it’s a great time to encourage team building and camaraderie in the office. Celebrate the week (or month, or year!) of kindness with your team by equipping them with information and ideas for both in and out of the office.

Download RecogNation!Educate your team that Random Acts of Kindness Week is coming up, and you hope everyone will participate. Fuel the group with ideas from our free 75 Random Acts of Kindness eBook and the Baudville Pinterest board. Post the ideas on a public bulletin board or print them out and keep them in a bowl. Encourage teammates to select a kindness idea and do it! At your next team meeting, ask individuals to share their Random Acts of Kindness experience.

We spend a lot of our time at work, and sometimes it feels like we see our coworkers more than our families! Make your work environment friendly, welcoming, and safe for all your employees by creating a place where acts of kindness are the norm, not the exception. A great work environment attracts and retains great talent, making your organization stronger and more successful.

As your team begins to practice acts of kindness around the office, you’ll notice the effect kindness has on your culture and your team’s attitudes. You may even decide to promote acts of kindness year round!

Do you have a great Random Act of Kindness story? Tell us about it!


Cori is Baudville's in-house Recognitionista (she's officially a Certified Recognition Professional, too)  and a member of the Millennial generation. Get her employee recognition tips and special discounts by liking Baudville on Facebook.

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