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Affordable and Meaningful Employee Appreciation Day Gifts

by Cori
11. February 2010 13:22

We all love receiving gifts. And giving a gift is a unique way to let someone know you were thinking of them. Each gift we receive carries a significant message. We know that the giver was thinking about us, spent time choosing the right item and used hard-earned resources to give it to us. That’s a lot of thought and effort!

Everyone is on a budget these days, and gift-giving has likely taken a back seat to more pressing priorities. However, like the good bargain shopper that I am, I would advise that you can find a great gift at a great value as long as you know where to look.

To make a big, positive impact on your employees, celebrate Employee Appreciation Day by giving gifts to your employees. It doesn’t have to be big, name brand or trendy – it just needs to be thoughtful. Like giving a new travel mug and a coffee gift card for your employee who walks in everyday with, not one, but two Starbucks coffees. Or a fresh bag of candy for your employee who always has a full candy dish that she’s willing to share.

After all, it truly is the thought that counts when it comes to gift giving.

We think employee gifts are a pretty important element of Employee Appreciation Day, and Baudville is making an effort to make gift giving affordable for all managers. Each week leading up to Employee Appreciation Day, we’ve got special discounts and offers for our Facebook fans. This week, you can save 15% on all mugs, so you can give your team a fresh cup of coffee. The offer is only available on our page, and you have to act quickly because it’s only valid for a week. We also just discounted nearly 200 items on the Clearance section of our website.

You can even get help selecting just the right Employee Appreciation Day gift with our Gift Finder tool on our website. You input your gift criteria, and we’ll suggest products we know your employees will love. 

So put on your bargain shopping hat, shop responsibly, be sincere, and make a big impact on Employee Appreciation Day!

Find the Right Employee Appreciation Day Gift

Cori is a Certified Recognition Professional at Baudville and a member of the Millennial generation. Get her daily Employee Appreciation Day tips and weekly deals by becoming a fan of Baudville on Facebook.



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