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Introducing a ton of new ways to make someone’s day!

by Allison
28. June 2010 15:40

It’s a pretty quiet day here at the ‘ville, with about 10% of our staff in San Diego at the Society for Human Resource Management Annual Conference & Exposition. Upstairs where the creative group (and most of that 10%) resides, it’s downright eerie. Especially compared to last week, when it was a flurry of activity as everyone prepared to ship out with all of our fabulous new stuff in tow.

To say that the SHRM conference is kind of a big deal…well, there’s no “kind of” about it. We know that this is one of our greatest opportunities to share our new products, so we put months into designing new recognition tools that will knock some socks off.  

As I type, my colleagues are excitedly showing off those hundreds of new products, and I’m feeling maybe a bit envious of them. So, I thought for those of us not attending SHRM, I’d do a little showing off myself and tell you about some of my favorites for this launch:

Conversation Pieces Fold-In Notes  
Few things can make someone’s day like a surprise note of praise, which is why I love these quick notes. The bright colors and encouraging sentiments just make me smile. Plus, they have a huge space inside for a personal note. Then, when you’re ready to present, you just fold up and deliver—no envelope needed!
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Happy Birthday Theme
We all love to be remembered on our birthday. Personally, it makes my day to get all that attention—and I know many of my coworkers feel the same way! This theme is filled with ready-to-give gifts and notes that you can keep on hand so you’re prepared to celebrate when it’s anyone’s special day!








New Lapel Pins
I was pretty psyched when I saw the new Character Pins™ and lapel pins our artists designed for this launch. I’m all about the  contemporary look and feel! Lapel pins are always a popular day making choice, and having up-to-date designs that you’re excited to give and your employees will be proud to wear is all part of that.








What you see here is just a handful of what’s new. Click here to see it all!   










Allison is Baudville’s one (and only) Copywriter. She’s been writing for a variety of media for more than eight years, so if she tells you she has been there and done that, she probably has. Before embarking on a career in writing, Allison worked as a department manager where she used Baudville products to motivate her team. She’s what we call a true believer!


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