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How-To Use Office Bingo as an Employee Recognition Program

by Cori
3. August 2010 08:21

Next in our series of recognition product how-tos is a look at one of the recent additions to our collection, Bravo Office Bingo. Office Bingo comes with a notepad with 50 cards and a Bravo stamper, and it can be used in many different ways!

How Office Bingo Works
Each employee gets a Bravo card, and the manager is responsible for the Bravo stamper. Whenever the manager catches an employee doing something great or wants to reward an employee, he stamps one of the circles on the card. Similar to a traditional game of Bingo, employees collect stamps on their Bravo cards until they have five in a row. Then they can redeem the bottom portion of the card for a gift of the manager’s choice, like a casual day, free lunch or recognition gift.

New Office Bingo

You can keep the game going until everyone wins, or set a deadline and end the game at the pre-determined time. Make sure you schedule enough time for someone to win. If the game is deemed “impossible” by your staff, they won’t even try to win.

When to Use Office Bingo
You can implement Office Bingo as either a short term or a long term recognition program, but you must link the program to a goal. Effective recognition always ties behaviors back to the goals or values of the organization, and Office Bingo is no exception.

For example, I recommend using Office Bingo while your team works on a project or short term goal. It could even be a seasonal program that you use when your team is especially busy, and you want to inspire and reward top performance.

If you want to use the program for an extended period of time, you should reward employees for behaviors that support multiple different goals. Allow employees to get a fresh card once they receive their first Bingo, and be prepared with different recognition gifts for those who turn in their second or third complete card.

Where Office Bingo Works
In order for Office Bingo to be successful, managers need to interact with employees on a regular basis. Retail stores and call centers are great environments for Office Bingo. You can even use it as part of this year’s Customer Service Week celebration.

Office Bingo could also be a great program for a classroom to reward students’ good behavior. Start the program at the beginning of the year, and students can earn stamps for helping around the classroom, being kind to students and performing well on assignments.

Why Office Bingo is Fun
- Employees have a visual to keep track of the recognition they receive.
- Higher employee participation compared to a save and redeem or online recognition program.
- The recognition program encourages managers to interact more frequently with employees.
- You have complete flexibility to decide the prizes.
- Employees can watch each other’s cards and provide encouragement to their teammates.
- Everyone receives recognition and praise!

Watch the product demo video on Bravo Office Bingo, Facebook or YouTube.


Cori is Baudville's in-house Recognitionista (she's officially a Certified Recognition Professional, too)  and a member of the Millennial generation. Get her employee recognition tips and special discounts by liking Baudville on Facebook.


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