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4 Things to Know When Ordering an Award Trophy

by Cori
23. November 2010 15:31

Award trophies are very popular in the fourth quarter as organizations prepare to recognize their top performers from the year. If you haven’t ordered an award trophy before, you can easily be overwhelmed by all the options. Be prepared with the answers to these four questions to navigate the award trophy ordering process with ease:

1. What type of trophy is appropriate for the situation?
The material and design of the trophy should complement the prestige of the award. Is this trophy for the top honors at your organization? Then you should present a gleaming crystal trophy or metal trophy . Browse our award trophy collection for the perfect trophy for both your situation and your budget.

Browse Metal Trophies

2. What do you want the trophy to say?
An award trophy communicates achievement, prestige and honor. The trophy verse is very important to expressing specific information about your award. Baudville has pre-written award verses to recognize a variety of occasions:

- Above & Beyond
- Achievement
- Excellence
- Making the Difference
- Shining Star

Can’t find a verse that sounds just right? Write your own award trophy verse, and we’ll place it on the trophy of your choice.

3. Do you need custom engraving?
Award trophies typically allow you to select a verse and personalize the trophy with a few lines of personalization. This is where you add the recipient’s name, the date and name of your organization. However, you may also want to include your logo. This requires custom engraving and a short proof process.

Don’t worry! Baudville still engraves and ships same day!

4. When do you need the trophy?
Award trophies are personalized for each recipient through an engraving process. This also includes the set up of design files by our graphic artists and requires your approval. If you forget to approve the personalization or the email gets lost in your inbox, your order could fall behind. Have a firm due date in mind when you order your award trophies, and we will make sure they arrive on time!

Now that you’ve ordered your award trophy, prepare for the award presentation! Review our Award Presentation video and blog article to ensure a stellar award ceremony.


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