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New Steth-o-Charm Gifts for Nurses are in Time for National Nurses Week

by Kristy
11. April 2012 07:00

In the new economy, innovation can begin anywhere.  We have always embraced new concepts of innovation and creativity through our design process, but we recently had a new experience when we were contacted by Jessica Muraco, an entrepreneurial Michigan mom with an idea for new healthcare appreciation gifts.

Jessica thought we would be the perfect company to produce and distribute her stethoscope charms that had become popular gifts for nurses at local pediatrician offices and nursing conferences.

Through a collaborative process, we are excited to launch Steth-o-Charms, an exclusive line of gifts for nurses and healthcare professionals. The stethoscope charms have been developed in twelve of our most popular healthcare lapel pin designs. The charms slide easily onto stethoscope ear tubes and an elastic backing keeps charms securely in place.

Steth-o-Charms are great gifts for nurses and doctors who can use them for added flair and a personal touch on their stethoscopes. The charms allow healthcare professionals to easily identify individual stethoscopes in a busy office, start conversations with patients, and provide a welcome distraction to young patients.

Shop Steth-o-Charms

The design for Steth-o-Charms originated out of Jessica‘s experience in the dental field and her desire to stay connected to the healthcare industry as a stay-at-home mom. By partnering with Baudville, Jessica is able to increase Steth-o-Charms’ market exposure while lowering costs.

Jessica's original goal was to use Baudville’s healthcare lapel pin designs as stethoscope charms, and now Steth-o-Charms are going to be on a nationally distributed catalog cover!

Steth-o-Charms make great gifts for nurses or doctors during National Nurses Week. Department managers can purchase a charm for every member of their team as part of the celebration. We also recommend using them as part of a regular employee recognition program. Steth-o-Charms are sold for $8.95 each and are available for sale on the Baudville website.

Shop Steth-o-Charms today and get them in time for National Nurses Week!


Kristy is the Vice President of Product and Merchandising at Baudville. Since joining Baudville in 2008, she has been integral in the development of the functional, innovative, and great looking products you see today. As the fearless leader of a multifaceted team of creative minds, Kristy always stays armed with her secret weapon of motivation: candy!


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