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My First Day, Baudville Style

by lauren
20. June 2013 10:38

In most cases, the only good thing about a first day of work is that there is only ever one! This past Tuesday was my first day as the new Marketing Intern, and I’m happy to report it was fantastic. Although I had what felt like endless nerves as I drove in and entered the lobby, they were quickly diminished. I had a friendly conversation with Brenda, the front desk coordinator who just so happens to be a fellow WMU alumni, and I was then greeted excitedly by my new boss, Lindsay.  

I walked into the marketing department to find a room full of smiling faces and my new spot - a cubicle big enough to fit not just me but two other cube-mates! It was even decorated with an adorable welcome banner.  Everyone around came over to say hello, and I immediately began to feel comfortable.

I spent the rest of the morning touring the building and meeting with various members of the marketing team for an introduction about their job duties. I even had a chance to say a quick hello to Brad, Baudville’s  President and CEO. How many people get to do that on their first day of a new job? Before I knew it we were off to Sundance for lunch! I enjoyed delicious food while getting to know a few of my fellow coworkers.

Once we returned I got the chance to jump right in and start proofing the spreads for our upcoming catalog . It was great to feel like part of the team on my very first day. Even though I’ll only have one, this first day I would happily repeat.


First Day

Lauren has just arrived at Baudville as the latest Marketing & Communications Intern! She's a fresh college graduate ready to join the wonders of the working world. Lauren plans to put her skills to work and become an accomplished Social Media and SEO wizard!

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