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Kimberly's Kitchen: Celebrating Valentine's Day with Food, oh Yeah!

by kimberly
17. January 2014 15:17
kimberlyHappy New Year friends!! We are already off to a great start here at Baudville, launching over 250 new products to help you with your employee recognition initiatives! We are so looking forward to knocking your socks off this year with products and ideas to help you shine at your workplace.

As Falon mentioned in her post yesterday, Top 2 Ways to Celebrate Your Employees in 2014, birthdays and anniversaries should be a shoe-in for recognition at any organization. But then, adding in a few fun holidays doesn't hurt either, right?

So, that brings us to Valentine's Day...which as you know is less than a month away! We all love to be loved or at least thought of on this special day, if it's at home or the office (or both, come on, let's be honest, w
e want it to be both).
Over the holidays, I tried a couple of new cookie recipes, and I have to say they were both winners. I love it when a new recipe is awesome, don't you? I pinned them both to the Kimberly's Kitchen Pinterest board, so make sure to check it out. My ultimate favorite was the Raspberry Almond Shortbread Cookie from Parent Pretty. WHOA! I had given a few of these cookies to one of my girlfriends and she made them at home twice already. Oh, so good.

They are the perfect sentiment for this upcoming Valentine's Day, so make some for your team or family and they will definitely feel loved. Also, we have a great free download for Valentine's Day that you can print, cut out and attach fun little sentiments around desks, cubes or offices!


Kimberly is the Baudville Website Manager and star of our online product videos. She applies her knowledge of the web to create the ultimate online experience for Baudville customers.


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