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Take the Time to Say Thank You!

by Krista
3. June 2014 13:40

At Baudville, our philosophy is always to recognize people for going the extra mile or for a job well done with a handwritten note. We believe that the gesture of a handwritten note takes more thought and is perceived to be more sincere.

However, in this fast paced world, you may not always have the chance to put your thoughts down on paper before running out the door or to your next meeting. That leads me to my next point, how often are you saying thank you to your colleagues via email?

Picture this scenario: One of your coworkers gets you the spreadsheet you asked for last minute so you could present the data at your next meeting. You rush to your meeting and forget to respond to your coworker that dropped what they were doing to help you out when you were in a bind.

We all do things like this from time to time when we are in a rush and are focusing on the next task at hand. Don't get me wrong, as recognition experts, we aren't suggesting that you shouldn't thank the person face to face or write them a handwritten note. But if you haven't seen them around and are too busy to deliver a note, at the very least send an email! Just shoot over a quick email saying "Thanks for getting me what I needed so quickly and getting me out of a bind." And the next time you see the person in the hallway, remember to say thanks again for their help!

Wouldn't you rather have received some recognition than no recognition at all? I know I sure would! So next time you are running around the office like a chicken with your head cut off and someone does something to make your job a little less stressful, say thanks via email or send one of our free ePraise cards!



Krista is the 'ville's Web Marketing Coordinator. She came to us in 2012 as part of our stellar Sales team.
Using her experience with Baudville customers, she helps create an online experience we're sure you will enjoy! Being the chatterbox she is, she truly misses talking with all of you so don't be shy and drop her a line!


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